Street culture is an emerging concept that is relatively new to the interior design industry and has been in demand for quite some time now. It all started with graffiti which became insanely popular as part of home interiors. You don’t find graffiti on just streets anymore; they are brought into many people’s homes. The street culture is all about expression and creativity, revealing the edgy vibes that could add some colour and energy to your home environment. Here are some ideas to implement in your home interior:

Graffiti Posters

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One of the ways to capture the art of graffiti in your home would be in the form of a photo frame. These are great to be placed on empty wall space to create an excellent focal point in any interior. You could also have them printed on smooth gloss paper to produce a more detailed image with vibrant colours.

Place Sculptures Around Your House

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These sculptures are 3D structures made by various artists to be displayed on the streets. The Keith Haring Chair is a great piece created by the famous graffiti artist Keith Haring. The little chair features a child’s figure, an excellent way to share your interest in pop art with your children. It will be more attractive to add some pop to any creative space, bedroom, or playroom. Aside from that, an Australian artist couple Gillie and Marc created several art pieces for homes as part of KARE. Their famous sculptures that can be seen across the streets of Sydney, New York and London are “Dogman” and “Rabbitgirl” – two figures which show a deep connection between the two artists.

Hiring Street Artists To Paint Your Walls

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Having words or designs spray-painted on your walls could add some character and edge to the atmosphere. This would be ideal for teenager rooms, where they could also do their own spray-painting session by themselves as a way to express their feelings and ideas. Or you could even hire professional street artists to design a graffiti painting that evokes the feeling of being on the street. Since graffiti comes in many colour combinations, it could easily match your already existing decor. After the design is completed, it is recommended to sander your walls as a finishing touch for a smoother look. This can easily be done by yourself without the need of hiring a contractor or renovator. If you don’t have a sander, you could purchase one online from this website.

Urban Loft


What exactly is an Urban Loft look like? Well, you do not need to own a loft to recreate this look. One of the ways to portray an Urban Loft vibe would be hanging multiple prints on a painted wall or an exposed brick wall. You can also create a unique gallery wall with a mixture of styles, frames, sizes, and colours. Pictures with grey hues also work well along with large scale framed prints. Potted plants placed on floors are a great addition to add some greenery into the atmosphere.

Urban Scandi


To make your space in the style of Urban Scandi, have street art prints around your home, placed on desks or have them hung on a wall. These frames should be of neutral tones. However, if you prefer pastel colours, choose prints with softer colours such as dusty pink.

Monochrome Color Pop

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For a modern twist, consider designing a monochrome wall in your room. Hang up black frames or black and white prints. Take note though, this style would only look great if your wall is painted with block colour.

Generally, the street culture style consists of exposed brick walls, metal placed on walls or doors, metallic pipes, or ducts, as well as old station clocks or copper lighting. If you are just looking to add a slight pop into your home, you can opt for more straightforward items such as a small lamp or chairs with street spirit. A street lamppost is also one of the common options as an added decorative piece in your home.

There has been an increase in demand for this street style for bedrooms, especially for kids. If you are planning on revamping your home or one of your kid’s rooms, the urban street style would be an ideal option whereby the kids could also contribute to the design by using graffiti.