FILA, Nike, Adidas, Supreme – do all these notable brands ring a bell? Well, they are all actually streetwear brands that produce classic, modern streetwear designs. The particular term streetwear is usually related to graphic tees and denim, but it is quite wider than that. We can see streetwear brands like Supreme constantly coming up with unique hoodies and t-shirts that most people would do whatever it takes to get them. There’s absolutely no definite answer when it comes to streetwear, so it’s best to experiment on your own while taking into consideration how others style their outfits. Streetwear is also often linked to athletic wear, but in actual fact, it is a separate style. Athletic wear is made with a different kind of material, compared to streetwear where you can’t wear them while you’re sweating buckets. Although streetwear designs do have a sporty feel to it, it does not necessarily mean it is meant to wear when you’re exercising. That’s also the reason why brands like Nike and Adidas do have their own collection of athletic wear, which is separate from their usual everyday clothing line. Take a look at some of these tips for streetwear: 

1. Choose clothes that match sneakers


We all know how important sneakers are when it comes to streetwear. You’re not part of the streetwear culture if you don’t have at least a pair of sneakers. What matches sneakers? A cool one-piece t-shirt dress paired with your favourite sneakers and ankle socks. Definitely screams streetwear! 

2. Consider black apparel 


When you’re having so much of a dilemma trying to figure out what to wear, we always end up choosing black. That’s because whenever you’re in doubt, black is always the ultimate choice. Not only does it go well for any occasion, you will also look good in black since it’s known to make you look slimmer too – great for those who are a little insecure about themselves. One of the most popular and fashionable items for streetwear is the black turtleneck from FILA. It is comfortable, stylish, and it goes well with almost anything! 

3. Identify your go-to statement piece

statement piece

Do you remember the popular FILA bag that everyone was wearing? It became one of the best statement pieces to wear anywhere you go. Aside from that, you can also consider a colour palette to match every outfit well, which is what most streetwear fashionistas do as well. You should also consider choosing a colour that matches well with the most common colours. For example, the belt bag from FILA is silver metallic in colour which goes well with any colour such as a grey top, grey jacket and white shoes. 

4. Get inspiration from movies or famous streetwear brands  

streetwear brands

Need some inspiration? Whether you are already into street culture fashion style or not, take note of the fashion outfits when you watch หนังออนไลน์ฟรี about street culture and observe all the outfits used in every scene of movies. Alternatively, you can also refer to popular streetwear brands such as Supreme or FILA and view the quirky, cool outfits that are put together. You will get better ideas on how to style your own outfits. Consider looking up celebrities that wear streetwear style on a daily basis as well such as Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian West. They are widely known to wear the hottest streetwear brands and outfits. Style inspiration from famous celebrities is actually one of the best ways to incorporate into your own wardrobe since they know what they are doing. Plus, they have their own stylists to help them too.  

5. Loose-fitting outfits will be your staple

If you want to get into streetwear, it’s about time for you to consider switching to loose t-shirts and baggy pants. Oversized sweaters and t-shirts will provide you with a more street look compared to tight-fitting clothes. After all, streetwear is all about comfort, and that includes t-shirts that are probably too big for you and not your average size. 

In short, streetwear is all about sneakers, hoodies, hats and comfortable tops. Nowadays, streetwear is gearing towards a place for creative expression while creating the possibility to DIY your own apparel. This fashion trend will never die out, especially when you first purchase one of the Yeezy shoes, you will be instantly hooked!