Making yourself look presentable is vital as it plays a vital role in making a good first impression to others when you are out in public, be it to attend an event or to attend something important.

In this article, here are the tips on how to look presentable to upgrade your looks to make a good first impression on people.

Tips to look presentable

Get a haircut

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Getting a good haircut can drastically change your look for the better as it can emphasise the features of your face to balance it out. Besides just changing your looks, it will also boost your confidence level as you will look good and presentable with your new hairstyle.

However, it is also important to know that not every hairstyle suits you as each of us has different face shapes. So, do seek advice from a hairstylist to see which hairstyle suits you best.

Dress decently

Next up, is to upgrade your wardrobe. It is not necessary to fork out a lot of money to get decent clothes that will upgrade your looks drastically. For example, you can get nice looking budget friendly clothes at thrift stores where they offer a lot of good looking clothes without requiring you to break the bank.

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Not just that, you can even get budget-friendly clothes on e-commerce sites like Shopee where you can find lots of cool-looking clothes that can help you to improve your looks immediately.

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Dress for the occasion

It is important to dress for the occasion. To give an example, it is not recommended to wear your house clothes like your plain t-shirt and slippers to someone’s birthday party. Instead, wear something that is occasion-appropriate for the event that you will be attending. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, the reason to dress presentably is not only to make a good impression on people, it will also make you look good in front of everyone.

Have a routine skincare 

Do not listen to the nay-slayers that men should not have a skincare routine as it is “feminine”. Both men and women are recommended to have a skincare routine as it helps to take good care of the skin of your face.

Not only does skincare help to keep your skin healthy, it will also make your face bright as it moisturises your skin. With that, your face will look so much more presentable as you look bright, happy, refreshed and energised.

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Keep your clothes clean and ironed

Another tip to look presentable is to keep your clothes clean and ironed. Besides just wearing nice clothes to look presentable, you have to keep your clothes clean and ironed not only for hygiene purposes but also to look neat and tidy as your shirt can say a lot about you. Having said that, you do not want to lose your credibility as you wear the nice wrinkled shirt that will make you look like you were in a fight at bedwars server.

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Assert confidence 

How does one look confident with nice clothes if they do not have confidence? Having confidence will instantly make you look presentable as you stand up straight, chest out and your chin up as this will give out the energy of confidence and strength.

Besides that, when you have a conversation with someone, make sure to establish eye contact and smile. Making eye contact during a conversation is important as it can improve communication between both parties as you pay attention to their facial expression and what they have to smile about. Lastly, smile as you talk with the other person and make sure it is genuine. Doing this will show signs of confidence and it will show that you are a good person which will make people find you attractive.

In summary

In summary, it is important to look presentable as it shows that you are someone who is serious and neat as it will make you look attractive as a person. By being messy, you will look like someone who is untidy and unorganised. Even though some people always advise that you should not do this and that for people, sometimes you have to take care of your own appearance as it represents self-respect and etiquette.

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