Bringing back the style of the past is not putting the fashion trend backwards, but is actually moving forward. 

Breathe new life to the old and say goodbye to secondhand stigma!

Thrift fashion is up to grabs and it is up for the hots since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many fashion brands halted their clothing production, even as far as closing down entirely, when the circumstances are not in their favour. Let it be the virus or not, people do still want to flaunt their styles whenever they are out – whether for groceries, walking around for a good view on the Singapore River or even shopping at the nearby mall. The best part of thrifting is not how rare these finds can be if you are lucky enough to grab them with grit and patience – you could say it is like treasure hunting, except you want to find the perfect chests that have the most rarest gold on the planet. 

Past apparels like vintage and retros have always played a major role in the design process. To produce a specific ruffle or estimate the cut of a sleeve, design teams often source archival parts (from their own labels and from others they admire) to use as references.

Here is how thrift fashion rose into popularity after so many years passed:

Thrifting Are A Thing, And A Competition

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Surprise, surprise. The most prevalent groups who are into thrifting or buying secondhand products are the Gen Z, which makes them the contributor of bringing back the vintage fashion. Few years ago, millennials would aim for due to their stigma revolving around used stuff – whether they are dirty, cursed, or they only bring bad luck (because it is possible these items used to be dead people’s belongings, but of course, it is mere superstition). However, that soon became underrated as the fashion enthusiasts community began to propagate their influences via social media like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and many more platforms to change these minds into thinking and appreciating more about the sustainability used items have to offer. Think about it, flexing about your one-of-a-kind discoveries via social media can definitely make people go back to your posts and be curious of where to find such styles.

Rise Of Thrifts/Bundle Shops For Affordability

The clothes, accessories and shoe wears themselves are second hand items. And while millennials who have their own negative perspective on used products, some have finally opened their eyes on the increasing numbers of thrift shops, popular for their low priced items that, may or may not, be lucky to find even the most expensive brands like Gucci or Chanel handbags or even H&M and Uniqlo apparels at cheaper prices. Everyone who is in search of glamorous clothing is able to grab these chances to fit their style while at the same time, considering their budgets. Vintage items which were a trend in the past are in the raves today, therefore they have easier access to find thrift shops which have been growing across the globe, even at a slight turn of a head.

Global Environmental Changes For The Greater Good

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Not only when you make purchases of pre-loved pieces broadens your fashion interests, you are also helping to care for the environment and make it better. Thrifting reduces the effects of overproduction of clothes and decreases the textile landfills. Eco-fashion and sustainable fashion values have emerged as alternatives to the industry’s existing environmental challenges, with small steps into the most preferable surroundings.

Also, the rising trend of thrifting has also affected luxury brands to collaborate with thrifting labels. The “re-commerce” ecosystem, which was once seen as a challenge to a luxury brand’s identity and a possible drain on its full-price consumer base, now exudes an aura of environmental and social responsibility that has displaced the feared discount. In other words, the fashion industry has been prompted to respond to customers’ increasing concern for environmental issues while at the same time, considering their business benefits. One of the partnerships luxurious brands have involved with friendly approach to contribute to the environment is Gucci’s partnership with the RealReal, being the latest in a long line of designer partnerships with the fast-growing luxury resale platform.

Thrifting, or in other words, buying used items has not only made our life more enjoyable, but it has also made the daily experiences with others more genuine. The most valuable lesson we can learn from thrifting is that the planet only requires a small portion of what it creates, and that, on a personal and larger scale, the most rewarding way to live is to reduce quantity while increasing quality. Less is more, and everything else can be more than what we think. Just like Windows VPS, a virtual private server which is an eco-friendly platform that gives more benefits for your convenience.