Do you think buildings have souls? Can they whisper the truths of past experiences? People think that just because something is buried, it stays in the past. However, that is not true. The dead can rise and the buried can come to light. Buildings hold secrets. They keep within them the horrors of the past, but not all of them choose to keep quiet about it. Let’s have a look at some of the urban legends that surround the most haunted buildings in the world. 

Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

In 1876, wealthy landowner Christopher William Crawley built a late Victorian mansion with intricate cast iron latticework. It is said to be Australia’s most haunted house. The house is now a bed and breakfast, with dinner followed by a ghost tour where you can understand all about its gruesome past. Those who are brave enough can stay the night in the haunted house.

The legends

There are many legends that surround this seemingly peaceful building. People tell of a maid who fell from the balcony, her ghost still roams the halls. If that doesn’t send chills down your spine, then how about a child who died after being dropped down a long flight of stairs, or a stable boy who was burned to death. Even dying couldn’t stop them from returning. Curiously, it is the ghost of the caretaker’s son who is most noticed in the Monte Cristo Homestead. He was found next to the body of his deceased mother and then chained up for four decades. How can one building have housed so many deaths and tragedies? Occurrences like these cannot be predicted or even totally prevented. Sometimes, tragedies are caused by shoddy workmanship which results in accidents that seem like they could have been stopped. However, you can ensure that your home, hotel or other building is up to the best possible standards by using scrooz for your construction needs. 

Myrtles Plantation, USA

The mansion of Myrtles Plantation is located in the remote town of St. Francisville, northwest of New Orleans, and is surrounded by a 125-foot veranda. The stained-glass front door opens into a grand foyer that features a massive French crystal chandelier. Despite its reputation as America’s most haunted house, the plantation is now a lovely Bed and Breakfast with 12 rooms. The site offers ghost tours, and you can choose between daily tours and scarier and more popular evening tours. A new restaurant on-site will soon serve fresh, local fare to visitors.

The legends

This spooky setting holds a dark secret, it was the site of the gruesome murder of 10 people. No wonder there is no shortage of ghostly sightings here. The most well-known is of a girl, Chloe, whose ear was cut off by a lover. She dons a green coloured turban and stares at the guests while they sleep. Her apparition has even been captured in a photograph. Another photo that was taken recently, depicts another young girl, dubbed ‘Ghost Girl’ who looks intently through the window. Even more, sightings include a little child bouncing up and down on the beds, a voodoo priestess and even the previous owner who was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. 

Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

Dragsholm Slot, or Dragsholm Castle, was built in 1215, making it one of Denmark’s oldest castles and supposedly the most haunted castle in Europe. Parts of it were also used to contain prisoners of honourable or ecclesiastical rank in the 16th and 17th centuries, and it was rebuilt in the Baroque style in 1694. The castle has been converted into a luxury resort with opulent rooms and a Michelin-starred restaurant serving locally produced cuisine. The hotel offers a guided tour that explains the history of the building, but for a truly frightening experience, book a ghost tour that includes a two-night stay, a tour that highlights the spooky occupants, and a meal at the gourmet restaurant.

The legends

There is a reason that this historic building is supposedly the most haunted castle in Europe, it is believed that at least a hundred ghosts call it home. One such ghost is the Earl of Bothwell who was the husband of Mary Queen of Scotts. Another is a ghost dubbed the White Lady whose skeleton was found in a wall after it was knocked down by builders in 1930. Her ghost can be seen wandering the long halls. The fact that this haunted castle is not just open to visitors but is also thriving and succeeding shows the importance of the foundation of a building. This castle is old and historic but it has not crumbled and turned to rubble the way many other buildings have and this is possible through the usage of good construction materials such as the ones that can be purchased from scrooz. You can rest easy knowing that your needs will be very well taken care of and the quality of products received will be top-notch.

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

Built in 1145, the inn was used by priests who housed slaves and workers while constructing St. Mary’s Church. It is located in Wotton-under-Edge on two ley lines, which are assumed to have spiritual power from Stonehenge. It was also said to be the site of human sacrifice and devil worshipping. Despite its reputation as one of the most haunted locations globally, having appeared on TV shows such as ‘Most Haunted’ and ‘Ghost Adventures,’ the inn has changed ownership several times in recent years, making the owners tough to locate. However, the inn does host a number of paranormal events.

The legends

The Ancient Ram Inn has a room called The ‘Witch’s Room’ and is believed to be haunted by a woman who was accused of being a witch and was subsequently burnt at the stake. People have reported seeing a high priestess sitting on a bed and hearing the bone-chilling shrieks of a girl. Others have also claimed to have seen a monk walking around. However, the most terrifying are the reports of a succubus, a female spirit or demon whose sole purpose is to entice men into engaging in intercourse, and getting into bed with guests. 


There is no shortage of scary places or buildings in the world. That is because there is always sadness, pain and evil wherever you go. Sure, learning about the painful backstories of these buildings is hard but nevertheless, it is still a part of history that is there to teach us lessons. After all, those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.