The development of the current style is still growing and is something that will continue to grow. After street style, it turns out that urban style is currently still in demand. Although following the times and people’s lifestyles, fashion changes are considered to be something that will continue to happen. This trend with clothes that can be used when relaxing and traveling is really suitable for you to wear this summer. Not only that, this one style is also present because of the amalgamation of the personalities of those who use it and also street style.

Urban Style: What to Know?

To get to know urban style, you don’t need to be confused to see examples – because actually this style is widely found. The style that appears in urban communities is unique to certain groups. Because it is casual fashion with an out of the box appearance, it makes anyone who wears it look stylish. For the color itself, urban style uses more soft colors and doesn’t use too many bright colors. The soft colors used in this style include – white, black, brown and silver. These colors can be used for casual and semi-formal occasions.

For the motive itself, there is no standard motif that is commonly used. But usually the motifs used for this style are floral and stripes. But usually in urban style, a lot of interesting optical illusions are used. Are you familiar with the concept of this style?

What makes urban style intriguing is that it will alter and develop depending on the person rather than the periods. Each wearer’s individuality will have an impact on how this style looks. Urban style can be an identity that each wearer owns, which makes it influential. This approach is demonstrated by the clothing selection, which is not only cozy but also fashionable.

In urban style, you don’t simply pick clothes that go with or complement your hobbies; you also wear timeless and distinctive clothing. The clothes you own can be freely combined if you adopt urban style, such as mixing formal and casual clothing. You can utilize this urban area if you don’t particularly like wearing brightly colorful or edgy clothing.

Urban Sneaker Society, one of the largest media and events in Indonesia, has successfully organized the Fashion Nation event which took place at the Senayan City Atrium on Saturday, March 14, 2020. Through this fashion show, Urban Sneaker Society wants to bring the spirit of three eras into its streetwear collection.

In this fashion show that they held for the first time, the Urban Sneaker Society presented many local brands in it. Sayed Muhammad as CEO of the Urban Sneaker Society said he was enthusiastic about the quality of the products brought by each brand.

“Seeing the quality they display, I think the public should no longer be able to look down on our local brands. All the brands involved in today’s fashion show have sufficient quality to be able to compete with international brands, “

Carrying the theme “The Better Past”, Fashion Nation is also supported by several well-known brands such as Converse, Puma, Cashless, Hattaco, Cosmonauts, Admission, Nindito, Poison Street, and Seji. This is also what the Urban Sneaker Society wants to show that local brands can be juxtaposed with international brands.

5 Tips to Wear Urban Style

Fashion is not only limited to what a person wears. Likewise, when men wear fashion, the fashion can be a reflection of their personality or character. Nowadays, teenagers and young urban men have their own style or fashion which is known as urban street style. It’s just that you need to have the fashion items below.

  • Jeans or Baggy Jeans

Jeans and baggy jeans are the two types of pants that urban males most frequently wear for urban street style. Guys, jeans are definitely not a new fashion trend. You can get t-shirts in a variety of hues, such as black, navy, dark gray, and brown, to wear with jeans whose colors are simple for you to match and contrast. Well, baggy jeans are pants with wide, bulky legs that resemble pockets. Urban regions were influenced by hip-hop music, which led to the emergence of baggy jeans.

streetwear shorts
  • Large T-Shirt

If you observe, street-smart metropolitan males frequently dress in t-shirts that are larger than their actual body sizes. Additionally, they are not afraid to wear clothing with graphics in large print. The t-shirts that are used are frequently paired in hues like black and vivid yellow, light green, and blue. Urban men look different from other men because of their ‘bold’ T-shirt colors.

  • Hoodies and Jackets

Urban males should not overlook jackets and hoodies if they seek street style. Hoodies differ from jackets in that they have a hood for our heads. Men typically like hoodies with two pockets for their urban street flair. Urban men typically select hoodies in bold hues like red, white, light brown, dark green, and others. Urban males seem to be able to get a casual look to just hang out, go for a walk, and participate in activities on the weekends by donning a jacket or hoodie and jeans.

  • Big Cap

It will be challenging to distinguish the use of hats as head ornaments from urban men’s street style apparel. They also frequently wear caps with dramatic patterns and vivid colors. Urban males typically wear hats with embroidery already done on them.

Urban males also don’t hold back from donning hats in rather dramatic hues, like a contrast of brilliant blue and black. Urban men’s appearance, when they don these brightly coloured caps, is not only fashionable but occasionally indicative of the neighborhood they live in. The snapback cap is the most popular hat style worn by metropolitan men.

  • Big Shoes

Urban men who enjoy street style frequently wear large-sized shoes. Sneakers are often the type of footwear that metropolitan males choose for a casual appearance. However, there are also people who occasionally wear boots and sneakers.

  • Short Pants Street Wear

Streetwear shorts are usually worn by men and women for urban street style. These shorts are loved by many because they are practical and fashionable, and are suitable for urban areas full of music.