Thrift Fashion: How The Past Follows The Future

Surprise, surprise. The most prevalent groups who are into thrifting or buying secondhand products are the Gen Z, which makes them the contributor of bringing back the vintage fashion. Few years ago, millennials would aim for due to their stigma revolving around used stuff Рwhether they are dirty, cursed, or they only bring bad luck (because it is possible these items used to be dead people’s belongings, but of course, it is mere superstition). However, that soon became underrated as the fashion enthusiasts community began to propagate their influences via social media like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and many more platforms to change these minds into thinking and appreciating more about the sustainability used items have to offer. Think about it, flexing about your one-of-a-kind discoveries via social media can definitely make people go back to your posts and be curious of where to find such styles.