Street Culture Brands: Between Commercialization And Trendsetting

Street culture is now widely accepted. Everyone was exposed to street culture through these brands, whether they were IT engineers working at a web design agency Malaysia, students who were focused on their studies, or other groups. As a result, street culture has become commercialised and is no longer bound by subculture. The brands have also benefited from this wave to increase their following and become well-known throughout the world. I’ll introduce you to a few of these brands that successfully combined commercialization and trendiness in the modern era in the following article.

Ways To Style Your Home With Ideas Inspired By Street Culture

Street culture is an emerging concept that is relatively new to the interior design industry and has been in demand for quite some time now. It all started with graffiti which became insanely popular as part of home interiors. You don’t find graffiti on just streets anymore; they are brought into many people’s homes. The …