What is Streetwear?

streetwear shorts

Streetwear-style clothing began to bloom in the 90s until now. This trend is adapted from the hip-hop style in New York in the 70s. Several decades ago, streetwear style was considered a rebellious style typical of teenagers at that time, but over time, this perception has disappeared from society.

If the initial appearance of this style was much in demand by men, it was different from now. There are also many women who are starting to like this ‘street’ style.

The design is simple but still edgy, making it easy for users to mix and match clothes. For example, combining t-shirts and loose pants with matching colours, it will give the wearer an effortless but still stylish impression.

Streetwear is also widely adopted by world celebrities, such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Pharrell William and many others. As a result, making this ‘street’ dress trend has increased in demand.

This year, some of the fashion items worn by many women began to vary. Clothing that is included in the streetwear category is generally centred on casual and comfortable pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps to sneakers. Not only that, previously streetwear was associated with t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, streetwear shorts, sneakers, baseball caps, and jackets, but with a new evolution, luxury fashion brands have upgraded the concept even more broadly by using more designs, fabrics and new colours.

So it’s no wonder that streetwear in the current era is more colourful and varied, which comes in the form of dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Take a peek at some of these streetwear style inspirations!

1. Combine Oversized Shirt and Loose Pants

streetwear shorts

This style will make you more stylish. You can combine it with oversized sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts. Then for pants, you can use short biker shorts or long loose pants. It will be cooler and more stylish if you choose black. Apart from that for shoes, make sure you use sneakers to make them look neat and cool.

2. Blazers and Jeans

streetwear shorts

If you want to look formal, you can combine a black blazer and blue jeans and sneakers. This will highlight the black colour of the blazer so that it makes you look cool even if you wear a blazer that is usually used to go to work.

3. Plaid Shirt and Shorts

streetwear shorts

Using a long checkered shirt combined with shorts will produce an effortless style but keep your looking cool. You can also add accessories with a black or white bucket hat. Make sure you also wear sneakers to maintain a neat style!

4. T-shirts and Sweat Shorts

streetwear shorts

This style of clothing is quite popular with young people today. You can easily imitate this effortless but cool look. You only need to prepare t-shirts and shorts, shoulder bags, hats and sneakers. Don’t forget to use long socks to accentuate your streetwear style.

5. Tanktop and Shorts

streetwear shorts

If the weather is hot but you want to look cool, you can wear a black tank top, grey shorts and white sneakers. Make sure you also wear necklace accessories, rings and baseball caps.

6. Oversized T-shirt and Long Turtle Neck

streetwear shorts

Before using an oversized shirt, you can mix the style with a long turtle neck. Later, it will be overwritten with oversized shirts. Make sure the long turtle neck you have is in monochrome (black or white) so it will be easy to combine with any colour oversized shirt. Also, use high black boots and white socks. You will look stylish every time!

7. White Dress and Denim Jacket

streetwear shorts

Very simple isn’t it, you only need a plain white dress and a denim jacket as an outer. Pair with other accessories and sneakers.

8. Crop Jackets, Tank Tops and Jeans

streetwear shorts

This style is also often used by gen Z. White cropped tank top, brown zipper jacket and long jeans. Besides being comfortable, the look of this style is cool! You can also go for a shoulder bag and white sneakers.

9. Denim Tanktops and Jumpsuits

streetwear shorts

You can also add this to your style when summer comes. The combination of a crop white tank top and denim jeans jumpsuit will make you look cool. Use additional accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and baseball caps to highlight your style!

10. Long Sweater and Jogger Pants

streetwear shorts

To look comfortable but still stylish, use a sweater and jogger pants with white sneakers. If winter approaches, you will be warm enough to use this popular clothing model.

So, here are some streetwear style inspirations that you can use according to your taste. Actually, it is not difficult to be able to look stylish, and this can also be done by everyone. In fact, you don’t need to always buy new clothes that are trending to be able to look stylish. One way that can make you look stylish is to mix and match the smart outfit you will use

You need to know your personal style. Don’t let yourself not be yourself and push your appearance too much. Also, pay attention to the colour of the clothes. Do not use colour blocking. Not all colours you can match well with other colours. It takes a concept for beginners to be able to mix and match and have the courage to use it. In addition, you can also customize your bags, shoes and accessories to highlight your appearance. It should be noted, accessories are indeed an important part to make the appearance so attractive. But, you also need to limit the use of accessories so that they are not too excessive. Accessories such as earrings or bracelets are enough to complete your stylish appearance. Good luck!