Ever heard of the saying, ‘match your style to your smoke’? Well, it’s one thing to enjoy smoking a joint, but it’s another thing when your lifestyle revolves around it! Some of us love to show off to the whole world their pride in being a stoner. Why not fill your closet that matches your lifestyle as a stoner? From sweaters to t-shirts, you’ll find plenty of apparel to make you look like a weed junkie. Heck, some of these clothing items are even made from hemp! These are some of the streetwear brands that take their commitment to this particular plant to the next level by creating unique designs, catered just for the cannabis community. Here are some of the best ones you shouldn’t miss out on: 

1. Stigma Activewear 

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For those living an active lifestyle on top of being a weed junkie, this apparel brand is made for you! We all know how wearing cool, sleek apparel gives you an adrenaline rush on top of the high from smoking a joint. Stigma is one of the few that creates activewear catered to stoners, or anyone that loves comfortable, affordable apparel while they work out. The best part about Stigma Activewear is how you can wear it as part of your casual days out too. Both men and women are able to indulge in aesthetic activewear as you light up along the sidewalks. 

2. Letter Shoppe 

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If you’re all about women empowerment, then you’ll love all the cute, powerful designs from Letter Shoppe. With their mission of promoting positivity and mental health alongside supporting the cannabis community. Dina, the founder of Letter Shoppe, is a graphic designer by profession, which is why she is able to design all of the graphics printed on the apparel. The idea of this humble streetwear brand is to break the stigma everyone has about weed. One of her popular designs is ‘Pass joints’, not ‘judgements’, encouraging everyone to stop judging regular weed smokers and just accept them for who they are. In short, Letter Shoppe is your go-to store to feel inspired, motivated and encouraged! 

3. Grassroots California 

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When you are looking for a streetwear brand that is full of fun, quirky designs, you can’t miss out on Grassroots California! Their designs are made for people who are looking to stand out amongst the crowd. This streetwear brand is known for its unique hat designs, including its material which is made out of hemp! Yes, you can produce clothing by using hemp as well. You can read any hemp guide to learn about the endless possibilities of the use of hemp. From beanies, bucket hats, to snapbacks, take your pick from their wide selection. No matter what the occasion is, you’ll be sure to find a suitable statement piece! Aside from their main product, you can also take a look at their yoga pants, dresses, sweaters, to name a few. 

4. The Higher Shop 

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Looking for creative weed designs? Look no further! The Higher Shop apparel brand is home to stoners or for anyone that is keen on wearing funny designs during their casual outings. Some of their designs are a parody of other brands such as Colonel Sander’s face on the sweater with the letters ‘THC’. Most of the apparel found here are pretty affordable, so you won’t break the bank shopping here. They also offer free worldwide delivery, catering to all stoners all across the world. Visit their website here to enjoy a wide variety of clothes including leggings, sweaters, backpacks and more! 

5. Stoner Days

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Ah, who doesn’t love socks filled with everything related to weed? Especially during winter, imagine smoking up a joint while wearing a pair of these uber comfortable socks! Apart from creative socks, you can also visit their online store for hoodies, tank tops and t-shirts. Their popular products are their ‘Blaze The Trail’ socks line where the socks are designed with weed leaves and maps from all around the world. 

6. Jugmaven 


Though they aren’t known for their weed designs, they basically represent the fashion of a stoner. Their clothing line matches the style of all stoners out there, with the majority of the apparel being made with hemp blends. The clothes range from tie-dye to casual wear, you can even find patterns that are psychedelic. Suitable to wear to your parent’s house or a late-night smoke up session.