Street fashion is quite popular these days. It is because style is more relax and it is like a casual style but we can easily mix and match the clothes but at the same time keep up to date with the current fashion style. Usually, young people or teenagers always style this fashion because it is really comfortable and sometimes they will wear this style to class but it depends on the outfit because sometimes it is not proper to go to class with the outfit. In Malaysia, about a few years ago the street style that is popular at that time is the army uniform style. At that time, there are so many people who wear camouflage green and blue army pattern color. The old generation at that time actually quite mad because for them it is not proper to wear the style. It is like they disrespect the real army and for the old generation, only the army can wear the style. Well, actually they wrong because the style did not use the real army color and the color is totally different. The style is a really cool style to wear so if you did not try it yet you should try it now.

The common question that always people hear is “Do people really love this style?”. Yes like literally yes. Many people love this style and this style is quite popular all around the world. Wearing this kind of style also actually can army proud because this is one of the ways that we can say to the real army that we really grateful and thankful to them because without them it is possible for the country to stay peaceful. Plus, not only the style can be print in army colors like green and blue but any color is suitable to print in camo design also it is a perfect design to blend with the surroundings. People who wear this kind of style can appear like a strong person also can make them look tall. There are many types of cloth that were printed in camo design such as shirts, jackets, hoodies, skirts, pants, and shoes also it is really important, especially for the fashion designer to receive their supply to make sure this style keeps going to be a popular style but they really do not worry much because they have Marine Solution Malaysia. Not only that, but they also can get the best shipping company in Miri also the best shipping in Johor Bahru to get more supply. All the camo design is really cool and it is very trendy if you decide to wear it. 

If you decide to wear street fashion does not matter the camo style army or what it is really important for you to keep it simple and not only that you should not mix and match the unsuitable element because you will make it worst. If you not confident with the outfit that you wear you can ask your friends, partner, and family to comment about the outfit. The best thing to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when wear street fashion is just to keep it simple and it is really important for you to not over mix and match your clothes unless you are so confident like Japanese people because they are really confident to mix and match and sometimes over mix and match it. You also can get inspiration from the internet. There are many platforms that you can use to get inspiration about the streetwear style such as Instagram, Pinterest or you can look at any e-commerce website that sells streetwear style. You also might interest to download Combyne app that is perfect to create an outfit style. You also can ask another styler at the app to help you match your outfit or create a new style. By the way, wear a good outfit is really important because it can boost up your confidence. To conclude this, no matter what you wear if you feel comfortable it is good for you but you need to remember that what you wear shows what kind of person is you and people can judge you by what you wearing.