Notwithstanding the amount of comfiness we seek in our regular clothing, there exists one part deep down into our core that makes us fond of dressing up. As bizarre as it may sound, we may sometimes sacrifice the desire for comfort and resort to something rather out of the ordinary; something that is on trend but not necessarily quite of our liking. Yet, trends seem to be surpassing any other thing in the world today, having a lot to do with the rising usage of social media platforms: a breeding space of peer pressure. 

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Though, streetwear fashions have long been thriving in the society prior to social media’s platform being skyrocketed. With that being said, setting aside social media’s somewhat shortcomings, it has been a wonderful kickstarter to the very development of streetwear fashion. Another element accelerating its development being musicians of hip hop and rap genre. Compared to the past, social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so on have significantly promoted streetwear culture through the provision of platform for marketing purposes. 

Well-Renowned Streetwear Fashion Brands Who Have Accelerated Their Digital Push

Multiple asian affluent streetwear brands who have since earned the qualifications to be in the fashion industry such as Stoned & Co, Pestle & Mortar Clothing, Uncommon KL, Nerd Unit, so on and so forth have significantly pushed themselves to enhance their respective online presence. 

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Apart from their sturdily built brick-and-mortar spaces, they aspire to multitask between the physical and virtual of platforms to continue thriving in this precise industry. The reason being, it makes it easier for them to reach out to audiences of similar likings. 

Streetwear brands in general, rely heavily on the latest trends, hence simpler to promote products in accordance with trends circulating the social media rather than that on conventional medias like TV and magazines. As a matter of fact, streetwear fashion enthusiasts of whom are primarily youngsters have long eliminated the usage of commonplace media as such due to its mundanity. Subsequently, they depend on digital technologies to get their messages across and learn about the latest of trends, including their pleasure to dress accordingly with the latest streetwear fashion. 

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To captivate the attention of youths, streetwear brands typically collaborate with famous personalities such as local celebrities or social media influencers and have them endorse their product. Some nation-renowned streetwear personalities such as LegoSam, Dennis Yin, and so on who are former and current hip hop dancers are sighted working with many local streetwear brands. They are usually requested to post a picture or even a short video of them in their products alongside captivating texts upon a brand new release. Besides, they make use of hashtags to boost visibility, few examples as follow : #streetwear, #streetwearfashion, #urbanwear, etc. 

While it makes circulation of information more effective, social media is a brilliant platform for brands to reduce their cost. Having to utilize mainstream media to get their message across are fairly cost-ineffective because whether their targeted audiences would be reached and goals would be attained are not guaranteed. No businesses wish to allocate their budgets on strategies and tactics that give them little to no reward in return. 

Instagram As The Most Impactful For Streetwear Promotion Amongst All

If you go around asking people whether they have an Instagram account, chances are that 7 in 10 people have at least one, not to mention some own a private account for God knows why. As a result, this very widely devised social networking application has earned the trust of many streetwear brand retailers to market their products there. Not to mention that Instagram’s user base is fairly young in age, which is coincidentally who streetwear brands are striving to cater towards. 

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Many streetwear fashions enthusiasts who are active Instagram users see the commitment in uploading photos and videos of their dressing styles to receive recognition from others. Other than those creating the content, there are those who receive them and internalize. There exist many school students who take reference from social media influencers showing off their latest streetwear styles just so they could get inspiration on how to mix and match their pieces. 

Awe-Inspiring Women Streetwear Icons On Instagram Worth A Follow

Anni Bolika

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Born and raised in Germany, Anni Bolika shares her fondness for her collections of sneakers and streetwear styles on Instagram, and sometimes through blogs for particular retailers. If you are highly enthusiastic about streetwear, you must grant her a follow because she is known for being active in posting; if you are looking forward to deepening your roots about this particular interest, be ready to learn more from her on a quotidian basis. She is currently involved with a sneaker endorsement with Skechers, Fenty Puma, along with Fila. 

Alani Figueroa 

unifi malaysia Alani Figueroa

If you have never been to New York and wish to know what it is like, Alani Figueroa is said to be the perfect epitome of the heart and soul of the US. Her style sets off the New York City-unique vibration of which only a born and raised New Yorker could ever possess. Apart from being a streetwear fashion icon, this professional dancer shares her liking for oversized T-shirts, sneakers, together with jewelry by featuring the city she resides in and her favorite mirror-selfies. 

Ida Broen

If you are most fond of sneakers, do not feel envious when visiting Ida Broen’s Instagram profile because her collection of sneakers is exactly what you have been dreaming for. Her love for sneakers have her attained 29.k followers and the ability to design her very own sneakers when collaborating with New Balance. You really do not wish to miss out on her presence if needing outfit inspirations, as well as the tips and tricks to getting your next kicks are what you are seeking. Follow her and you will get the bible to streetwear fashion.  In this very modern civilization, to be involved with streetwear fashion, all you need is a sturdy internet connection like what Unifi Malaysia pledges to provide.