No matter which parts we are around the world, we will eventually see and be surrounded by abandoned buildings that sometimes are about 90% almost completed. But have we ever thought about the reason that the buildings were left behind and abandoned? And have ever thought about the impacts of the abandoned buildings towards the particular place, environment and even the culture that the buildings hold? This somehow should be more concerned by the responsible person as the impact could be severe. Speaking of abandoned buildings, it has the potential to be industrial buildings, house buildings, school buildings and even sometimes tourist centre buildings.

In this case, we should see how bad the impacts of the abandoned buildings are on a few elements. From the economic point of view, we could see how abandoned buildings cause people to lose job opportunities and also decrease the tourism value of the particular place. Not just that, abandoned buildings are also able to actually have a bad impact on the environment and people’s health. Abandoned buildings do have the possibility of contributing to the pollution such as air and water. Different cases with the impacts on people’s health, it is able to actually be the reason for mental health problems and any severe disease. This is why abandoned buildings are something that should be prevented. 

Abandoned Buildings Around Us 

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Abandoned buildings around us, do you notice how the majority of the abandoned buildings around us are actually built beautifully? To the point where each of the buildings are actually carrying their own uniqueness of the building design. This is such a waste as we are well aware of how buildings sometimes actually portray the touch of the cultural elements of a particular country.

Speaking of this, you should have noticed how big those abandoned buildings are too, this is somehow saddening as we realized the possibility of the abandoned buildings to be potential buildings. After all the spaces and capacities that the abandoned buildings have taken, it should have been used instead of being abandoned.

Advantages On Reliving The Abandoned Buildings

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I believe you have now acknowledged why and what have made the abandoned buildings that we see around us are actually valuable. Do you agree with that? Do you really think that abandoned buildings should not be something that is wasted? Probably there will be some of us that would think that abandoned buildings are something that we should have got rid of, but did you know that we could actually reuse and relive them to save the environment and the cultural elements of it?

Indeed, there are so many advantages that we could gain if we continue with the idea of reliving the abandoned buildings, there are including:

  • Able to cut cost:

Compared to the new buildings, reliving and reuse the abandoned buildings would eventually be helpful to cut costs. This is due to how the process won’t be started from scratch, so you can actually save up a lot of costs in buying the materials etc.

  • Maintaining the cultural elements

It is obvious how every building will carry different cultural elements and images, hence why, it will be nice to actually relive it back to be used. This somehow would be nostalgic to the people in that area to see and know the story behind the buildings.

  • Good for environment

Proceed with how relive and reuse will be good for the environment, it will somehow be safe for the environment. Compared to the new buildings, this is safe for environment due to how it recycle materials that could lessen the excavations at the site

  • Able to be the main attraction

Due to the historical story behind the abandoned buildings, it would eventually be the main attraction to the people that live in the neighbourhood from other places. This automatically would contribute to that area’s economy.

Basic Processes That Are Needed In Reliving The Abandoned Buildings 

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Reliving and reuse the abandoned building processes will indeed be slightly different compared to building the new one. It is beyond doubt that both of the processes have their own challenges, but reliving the abandoned buildings will take up less efforts on that. The processes will includes:

  • Maintaining: 

As the main goal of relive and reuse is for the sake of keeping up with the cultural elements of it. The first thing that would take place in the progress would be to ensure the cultural elements of the designs without making big changes.

  • Rebuilding: 

This process eventually would not change the whole building design, but somehow would be done just to get to the first planned design from the original scratch. Not to forget how it will enhance the abandoned building design to look better.

  • Disinfection: 

We are well aware of how abandoned buildings would look like after the abandoned period. All the places and functions will be fixed and disinfected again before it is being used again to ensure the functionality. Processes such as cleaning, water damage restoration, air ducts cleaning etc will be involved.

  • Repaint: 

This would be the most important part of reliving the abandoned buildings as we know how abandoned buildings would look like from the outside after years. The repaint process would absolutely give a new breath to the buildings itself. However, it is beyond doubt on how hard the process will be due to the wall condition.

  • Functions shifting:

This last process would be a little bit fun and different as the original purpose of the abandoned building will be completely changed while still maintaining the design and cultural elements. This in a way would be helping in terms of changing it to the main attraction of the particular place. 

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To conclude, both relive and build processes of the new buildings are indeed challenging, but somehow relive would bring most advantages and benefits. Reliving the abandoned buildings would eventually be the best for the sake of the cultural elements and historic stories behind the buildings. Hence why, reliving abandoned buildings would be in a way better than the new one.