What are pregnancy care products? 

During pregnancy, there are many steps that require thorough thoughts and considerations before being acted upon. Pregnant women must know and carry out the requirements to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Therefore, it is major to grasp the knowledge to buy pregnancy care products malaysia. Some may not be aware of what pregnancy care is, or the products, to begin with. In simple terms, pregnancy care consists of prenatal, (before birth) and postpartum, (after birth) healthcare for expecting mothers. It is a process that involves treatments and training to ensure a healthy prepregnancy, pregnancy, and labour and delivery for the mother and baby. Now, down to what are the examples of pregnancy care products. Pregnancy care products include skincare products, footwear, undergarments, pillows, belly bands and, daily supplements.  

belly supplements
  1. Skincare products during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, some women may think that the skin on their face looks naturally bright and healthy thanks to the hormones the body is churning out. But what’s talked about a lot less are the other skin-related side effects of pregnancy: skin discolouration (known as melasma), sensitivity and, unfortunately, acne. With new changes come new concerns, but with expert information and a little bit of caution, you can avoid these concerns while maintaining your skincare routine throughout your pregnancy. So what are the main skincare concerns that are associated with pregnancy? 

There are two to keep in mind, products may be absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin and will affect the growth or development of your baby. Second, your skin may be more sensitive than usual, and you may experience allergic reactions to skincare products, including both new products being introduced to your routine and products you’ve been using for years. Therefore, you should stick to gentle, fragrance-free skincare products, and don’t try a bunch of new products at once. If you introduce new products to your skin during pregnancy, take it one at a time and give your skin time to adjust to one new product before trying another. This way, you are able to avoid using products that are causing harm because you can tell apart the side effects of each product. 

  1. Footware is suitable during pregnancy.

A common occurrence during pregnancy is the swelling and expansion of the feet. Swelling is caused when your body holds more water than usual during pregnancy. Throughout the day the extra water tends to gather in the lowest parts of the body, especially if the weather is hot. The pressure from your growing womb can also affect the blood flow in your legs. This can cause fluid to build up in your legs, ankles and feet. Consequently, you may need to buy a size larger than normal for ballet flats which boast soft leather and fabric uppers and cushioned insoles. As for indoor slippers, cloth and padded slippers which are machine washable are suitable during pregnancy. 

  1. Undergarments during pregnancy.

Types of bras and underwear used during and after pregnancy are of high priority. It is advisable to wear seamless nursing bras and soft-material underwear that sits comfortably under the baby bump. Using these seamless nursing bras starting from the second trimester onwards, will gently support you during your pregnancy, and then make breastfeeding easy after you have your baby. When buying the underwear, be sure for it to be secure but not tight and material that does not cause irritation to the skin. 

  1. What pillows to use?

Pillows? You may question why pillows even matter during pregnancy. Some fail to realise that these small changes are what make all the difference. Proper rest is very important for the mother and child during pregnancy. Thus, the attire and pillow worn and used during the pregnancy need to be comfortable. The usage of these products can assist in making the night simpler and calmer. 

  1. Best of belly bands.

As your baby drops into position for a grand entrance, you may feel an equally grand pressure in your pelvis. You can alleviate some of this by slipping on a maternity support band. It isn’t glamorous, but it helps relieve back leg, and abdominal pain. To add on, you can wear it discreetly under most clothes. Try to find a particularly comfy belly band that is made of breathable bamboo viscose that adjusts up to 12 inches, so you can customize it to just the size you want. If you could find the ones that also have a pocket for a hot or cold pack to soothe pre- or postpartum pains, the discomfort could be reduced a lot. 

Where & How to buy pregnancy care products? 

Almost everything can be bought online, through popular apps, such as Shopee and Lazada in Malaysia. That being the case, it is clear that these pregnancy care products are straightforwardly purchasable on online platforms. Since the pandemic has struck the world, many physical stores had closed up and ventured into e-marketing through online platforms. That being said, it would be advisable to buy these products either from specific shops that cater to pregnancy care or online shops that sell these products precisely and receive positive feedback. Be certain and double-check before purchasing these products online to avoid wasting money and purchasing low-quality pregnancy care products in Malaysia, which may result in pregnancy complications. Going to shops to buy these essential products should be done within the first trimester to prevent stress on the mother and child. Well-known maternity care shops across Malaysia include Mothercare, BABYLAND, Watsons and, First Few Years. 


To summarise, this proves that pregnancy is a process that requires patience, care, consideration and multiple steps. The products required for pregnancy care may be perceived as occasionally overwhelming or overpriced. However, parents need to be mindful of all the actions taken upon the mother’s body while carrying a child. After all, the well-being of the mother and child is of utmost importance.