Everyone wants the perfect photo for their outfits. A lot of the time, people do get that great shot, however, it seems to be missing a little something. Not to say that simple and plain photos don’t look good, it depends on the lighting, outfit and poses. So, to attempt at adding a pretty touch to any photo shoot, there are some props that make the photo complete. It could be as small as a flower and as big as a house. Bottom line is, people have been getting really creative with what they use as props. 

A quick tip on how to choose the perfect prop is to see if it suits the mood you’re going for in the photo. A balloon might be a sign of happiness or smoke could be a little mysterious. It depends on you and what you want your photo to be. Remember to determine the main subject of the photo. It may be you, another person, or an object. Once you determine that, you should be able to choose your prop more easily. Another important thing not to forget is that props are there to compliment the main subject, not outshine it. Thus, determine your main subject and the mood or message you’re going for and go from there! Now, let’s get into some inexpensive and easy items to obtain as props for a photo shoot. 

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are one of the most-used props involved in photoshoots. Plus, it is a cool way to add a bit of a mysterious vibe to your photos. Moreover, smoke bombs consist of many different colours that go beautifully with any photoshoot. It is a prop you can get for pretty cheap too. Therefore, this is an easy and inexpensive prop you can use to spice up your photos. However, these are technically bombs, so get professional advice or supervision when using them in your photoshoot. Look cool while staying safe!

Cigarettes Or Vape

Now, if you’re a smoker or you vape already, this would be an easy prop to include in your photo shoot. However, if you don’t, you could simply get fake cigarettes as props. They burn like regular cigarettes but are not as harmful. People in movie productions use them all the time. It looks like a cigarette and burns the same way but it’s made up of herbs. Unless you’re not able to get a hold of fake cigarettes, you can simply use an unlit cigarette. In other cases, to look cooler, you could use your vape, if you have one, with nic salts. This can add either a very grunge, cool or very sophisticated look for a photoshoot. 


Balloons, as mentioned before, give off a very happy mood. However, sometimes, with the right lighting and makeup, you could make it exude creepy vibes. For instance, because of the hit movie, IT, red balloons have a certain creepy vibe to them. Thus, this makes balloons a very inexpensive and diverse prop for any photoshoot. Weddings, Halloween, even street style photoshoots. You just have to give it the right setting. 

Angel Wings

Ah, angel wings. It can give a very sweet vibe and a grungy vibe with black angel wings. You could purchase fake angel wings that you can wear, which does not cost much. On the other hand, you could simply  find any street art of angel wings and pose with that which would not cost anything. There are loads of street art of angel wings you could find anywhere. You’d just need a good outfit and a great photographer and spread your wings!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are classic props for a photo shoot. They’re simple, pretty and do not cost much. Plus, there are fairy lights that operate on batteries. That means you can bring them anywhere you want to for your photo shoot. In the streets, in an alleyway or even a ranch, if that’s what you like. You could achieve a very beautiful looking picture with pretty little lights. 

Thus, here are only some of the props that are inexpensive and simple for anyone wanting to add something to complement their photos. In a nutshell, if you feel like your photos are too empty or seem like it’s missing something. I feel like people take pictures to create memories and to keep those memories forever. Whether it be on your phone or printed and framed, it is for you to keep. For you to look back on and remember that moment, that outfit or that moment in that day of your life. So get those props and spice up your photos to keep the memories in your life.