In a report done by the Ministry of Health (MOH), in 2018, there was a significant increase in the number of patients visiting MOH hospitals and clinics compared to a decade before. 77 million patients visited MOH hospitals and clinics in 2018 which is a 445% increase from the year 2008. It is arguable that the number of populations has increased over the years but the fact that there is also a major increase in the people meeting doctors concerning their health, shows that Malaysian’s average citizens does not have a very good health. MOH reports that the increase in the number of patients is because it coincides with the rise of chronic non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases require regular treatment follow-ups which increase the frequency of the patients visiting the hospital. In this world of endless possibilities, it is, in a way, not worth it to die over something that we have control over which is why a healthy lifestyle is so important. Many people think having a healthy lifestyle equals eating healthy for the sake of your health but that is not the case. A healthy lifestyle consists of so many important elements in your life, such as your diet, your physical activity, your mental health and so much more. How does one maintain a healthy lifestyle? This article would give you five tips to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Get A Good Night Rest

Get a good night’s rest

Sleeping is truly important. You would need to get enough sleep to obtain the maximum productivity level and be able to do your activities efficiently the next day. There has been research that claims that people who are well-rested tend to have a higher level of tolerance to stress and they are able to cope with stress better. Whenever someone has an adequate sleep, their mind is fresh and clear which allows them a longer focus span on the work they have and they can control their appetite better. When someone does not have a good sleep and enough rest, the body will release hormones that would trigger an overeating habit. People would also have a hard time controlling their emotions and they would become more sensitive. If you find it hard to have a regular sleep schedule, you can set a specific time for bedtime and before that you can drink some tea to calm your nerves. 

Find Your Solace

Find Your Solace

For this lifestyle, it doesn’t need much, you just have to find a time where you can do something you love to find peace. For example, if you like to read books, after work, after dinner and one hour before your bedtime, you can read your book and forget about the day’s work and stress. You can try mediating or pray before you go to bed. For some, it may not work but don’t disregard something before you try it. Maybe it would be the method that works on you. The duration recommended to meditate or pray is 10 to 20 minutes per day. It will help calm yourself down and clear your mind. It can even help you lower your blood pressure. 

Motivate Yourself To Walk

Motivate Yourself To walk

Many people feel they need to follow those exercise videos on the platform YouTube but there is no need. You can just have a stroll around your neighborhood and it can also be considered as an exercise. If you would like to motivate yourself effectively, you can buy a pedometer. Set a goal on how many steps you would like to take and try as best to achieve it. For instance, if you come back from work and your steps are only up to 5000 when your goal is 10,000, take the time to walk around until you achieve your goal. Not only would it be good for your health, it would give a sense of achievement. It will help to defuse any stress, burn calories and heal you mentally. 

There is more to this that you can include to lead a better lifestyle. This is very general and it can be applied to everyone but it doesn’t mean that it would be effective for everyone. You can do more research about a healthy lifestyle to get more options that would fit you. Having a healthier lifestyle would make your home brighter and more harmonious. Even your neighborhood can affect your lifestyle so being in a balanced environment like Glenmarie would do you good. If you are currently looking for a place to stay, I recommend searching for Glenmarie properties or Glenmarie house for rent.