In the world of social media, Influencers are kings. They possess large followings, hold the most sway over their respective fanbases, and arguably wield the most power when it comes to the social media scene. In terms of online marketing social media in Malaysia, and in fact most of the world, collaborating with influencers is a sure-fire way to get your brand out there and recognized by a large following of people. In fact, influencers are so powerful in the world of social media that just having a particularly famous influencer endorse your brand guarantees a more effective marketing gimmick than even KL best social media and marketing in Malaysia, or the best social media companies Malaysia in Kelana Jaya, or even any social media marketing company in the world. 

When it comes to streetwear brands, the power of influencers are certainly no exception. Instagram, for example, has no shortage of streetwear influencers with enormous followings – but only a few can really be termed the ‘leaders’ of this particularly popular fashion aesthetic. So if you have a streetwear fashion brand that you’re hoping to rocket into mainstream attention, here are 4 streetwear Instagram influencers who are kings of the streetwear scene! 

Bloody Osiris (@bloodyosiris)

Bloody Osiris

Boasting an impressive 446k followers on his Instagram account, Bloody Osiris is a well-known name in the world of Instagram streetwear. Hailing from Harlem New York, this 26 year-old Influencer has garnered a truly remarkable career in the fashion industry by not only being a popular Instagram figure, but also an A-list stylist and runway model for top celebrities and their own respective fashion brands. On his Instagram account, Bloody Osiris often posts stylish pictures of himself posing in front of picturesque urban cityscapes while stylishly clad in the latest streetwear fashion. With a huge Instagram following, incredibly impressive career, and amazing fashion sense, Bloody Osiris is without a doubt a leader in the world of streetwear. 

Luka Sabbat (@lukasabbat)

Luka Sabbat

Luka Sabbat is a popular 23 year-old Influencer, actor, and fashion model with a truly impressive 2.4 million followers on Instagram. Not only is Sabbat a well-established name in the fashion industry, he’s also made appearances in movies and TV shows; such as 2018’s Grown-ish, The Dead Don’t Die in 2019, and Giants Being Lonely in 2019. He gives off a truly cool vibe and often serves stylish looks on his Instagram account, wherein he frequently posts aesthetic pictures of himself clad in trendy streetwear apparel and staring coolly at the camera. Considering his growing following and stylish ensembles, it seems Luka Sabbat’s career in the fashion industry is only going up. 

Aleali May (@alealimay) 

Aleali May

A fashion stylist, blogger, influencer, and model, Aleali May is a leading name in the world of streetwear and wider fashion as a whole. With about 470.9k followers on Instagram, this young fashion icon has a social media platform filled with aesthetic pictures of herself wearing stylish outfits and posing in all manner of cool places. On top of her already impressive fashion career and fashion style, Aleali May has also launched her own unisex Jordan sneakers; which come in a plethora of colorful and vibrant colors to match with your own fashionable streetwear ensemble. Even more impressively, Aleali May’s sneakers were so popular that some styles sold out within 4 minutes of their launch; earning her the title of ‘The Queen of Sneakers’ and demonstrating just how high up she is in the world of streetwear fashion. 

Christina Paik (@christinapaik) 

Christina Paik

Christina Paik is a freelance fashion photographer on Instagram with her own personal style of fashion. With 129k followers on her Instagram and a career that takes her from New York to Paris, she fills her social media platforms with pictures of her famous photographs, everyday life situations, and herself clad in baggy jackets, loose pants, and crop top hoodies – a stylish streetwear icon. Currently based in New York, Christina Paik is a fashion icon and photographer who prefers to let her work speak for her – and with all the passion and talent she puts into every photograph she takes, her work can certainly tell anyone that she’s an amazing figure in the fashion industry. 


The world of social media, as well as streetwear, is certainly ruled by some incredible, talented, and undoubtedly fashionable Influencer icons. So if you don’t want to miss a thing from these famous streetwear influencers, or just want in on the latest trends in the streetwear fashion world, why not follow these influencers right now!