E-commerce has become one of the biggest booms of the 21st century. Almost all the businesses that used to operate back in the early 80s and 90s all survived the 21st by adapting to the change in the business climate and begun transitioning their business to one that’s more centered on E-commerce and an online nature. Think about it, Where are all the companies that operated in the 80s and 90s and why did they disappear. Take Blockbuster for example. Blockbuster dominated the VHS and DVD scene back in the day and pretty much no one could keep up with they’re success. They had almost 9000 stores that were operating at full capacity and they were able to bring in almost 6 Billion alone just on DVD rentals. That 6 billion doesn’t even include inflation so if you had compared that today then that figure would be somewhere in the ballpark of 19 billion today. Blockbuster were one of the biggest companies and they thought that they were too big to fail until the turn of the century came and most people were able to get the movies that they wanted to watch by just going online to certain websites and they wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the nearest blockbuster and walk all the way back there after you’re done.

Most people don’t know this but Netflix has been operating since 1997 and their business model was similar to Blockbuster but they noticed that the climate was changing and they needed to change their model and business strategy to overcome the coming change. They started out small by opening up a website that could stream movies and then they began to rapidly expand and reach agreements with production companies to use their movies on their website. Fast forward to today and most movies are on Netflix’s website and they’ve become one of the biggest companies to date. They have even segregated their earnings by opening a production company and they’ve even pumped out Oscar winning movies so you can say they’re doing pretty well. 

This shows that adapting to change is very important so maybe E-commerce may be the way  for people to go. Starting up your own retail business may be the way you can kickstart a whole new lane for you and it’s not as hard as you think, But it may get complicated along the way which is why this article exists

Find the product

Ecommerce Product Finding

Before anything you do you will first have to decide on the product that you want to sell. In this case since we are a fashion retail blog then the product that we suggest would be fashion related such as clothing and apparel wear. Apparel retail e-commerce might be the easiest one to breakthrough as most people crave for variety so you can’t have too much clothes in this world. It would also be easier to source fashion material items as they can be found pretty much anywhere if you look hard enough.

Find a web builder

Find a Web Builder

Next thing on the agenda is to find someone who can potentially help you build the website that you envision. There are many IT Service Malaysia has to offer so it shouldn’t be that hard to find a suitable company that’s willing to help take you on as their client and help build a website for you. One of the best things a web building service can do for you is to lay out a plan where they decide just exactly how the website can be built and what they can include and take out. In this case they would have to build an ecommerce website. That sentence seems simple enough but there’s so much that has to take place such as having a functioning paywall and a stock check system that has to be set in place and maintained over time preferably by the shop manager. They can even assist on the digital marketing end and make the website more SEO friendly so that the ranking of your website is ranked higher than the competitors.

E-commerce is an exciting part of the 21st century that people are taking part of and it’s time that maybe you should consider starting one yourself.