Have you been into street fashion your whole life? If you find yourself wearing clothes from Nike, Adidas, why not start an online store selling all of your favourite brands? Together with your passion and interest in streetwear, you might else well earn some income as well. We came up with a short guide on how to begin your dropshipping business journey by selling streetwear. 

1. Understand The Dropshipping Business Model 

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Having an interest or passion in streetwear alone is not enough to bring you a decent income. First and foremost, you have to put in your time and effort at the start in order to build a successful dropshipping business. All dropshipping businesses are unique but the common hours spent on a weekly basis would be around 10 to 15 hours. If you are able to spend this amount of hours every week, then you could easily make a rough amount of $1,000 up to $3,000 monthly. If you need a clearer idea of how dropshipping works, you can read the Kibo Code Quantum review to further understand how to make it profitable. Since dropshipping doesn’t require you to actually own the product or handle any shipping inquiries, you can save quite a hefty amount at the start. 

2. Choose What Kind Of Products To Sell 

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Since you already have decided to sell streetwear, you can’t be selling all kinds of streetwear in the beginning. It is better to narrow down the most popular trending items to start off. For instance, we all know how popular sneakers are, especially among youngsters. You can start off by simply selling sneakers from famous brands. You can make use of Google Trends to find out what kind of streetwear products are doing very well. Alternatively, you can also use Google Keyword Planner to find out the average monthly search volume of a particular product to see if they are in demand or not. 

3. Perform Competitor Research 

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Now you know what kind of products to start off with, you can observe how your competitors are doing and follow their strategies. This is an easier way to determine what works and what doesn’t since your competitors have already gone through the trial and error phase. Learn how your competitors are marketing their dropshipping store, their prices, and so on. One key point is to keep all the information gathered from your competitors in an excel sheet so you can always refer to them when you’re making certain decisions for your own dropshipping business. Pay attention to their tactics so you could use the same for your own store. 

4. Build Your Dropshipping Business Store 

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To make it easier for you to run your dropshipping business, it is better to build it on an eCommerce platform such as Oberlo or Shopify. This is because these platforms already have everything you need to run an online dropshipping store. From pre-made themes to product management and inventory, these eCommerce platforms have got it all covered. The best part of it all is that you don’t necessarily need to invest too much in your website since you can easily create them using these page builders. 

Don’t forget to get your dropshipping business legally registered in order to build trust among your target audience. Once you got your business registered, get ready your own business checking account as well so you can input all your business revenue into the account. 

5. Start Marketing Your Dropshipping Store 

During the initial phase of your dropshipping business, you have to put extra effort into advertising and marketing. No one is able to find your store if you don’t market it. There are various ways to market your dropshipping business online. Here are some of the common ways: 

a) Content Marketing


Content marketing is where you will have to create quality, valuable content for your audience. Through the content curated, you will build up your brand awareness and gain your audience’s trust as well. 

b) Influencer Marketing


For a streetwear store, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out there. You can narrow down some of the famous social media influencers that are aligned with your brand and get them to wear the products. In return, you give them a certain fee for all successful sales. 

c) Paid Advertising 


Paid advertising is when you have to pay to run ads on social platforms such as Facebook and  Instagram. One of the common ways is making use of the Google Shopping ads where the carousel appears at the top of the search engines. Bear in mind, you have to set a certain budget upfront in order to consider paid advertising.