Are you currently struggling to make sales for your online clothing store? Owning an online streetwear clothing store can be difficult because the competition is very high. You have to really step up your game in order to stand out from the rest. Other than making sure you get some tips on how to start a streetwear brand, the next stage would be to learn about marketing your business. Here are some of the ways on how to effectively promote your streetwear clothing store online and gain brand awareness: 

Maintain Regular Sales & Promotions 

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Regular shoppers love discounts! You could have discounts such as 5%, 10% or the most common way is by offering free shipping. You will be able to gain recurring customers as well. To gain new customers, you should offer a certain discount for their first purchase. You can also consider a referral program where a customer signs up and receives a specific unique discount code just for them. If they share it around and someone else uses the codes, the customer that owns the unique code gets to gain some commission. This works especially for influencer marketing. Influencers usually have a large following where most of their followers tend to believe them and the products they promote. It would be a win-win situation for both your business and your customers. 

 Build Up Your Social Media Presence 

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If your clothing store has a strong online presence, you can be sure to gain a huge following from your targeted audience. Nowadays if you don’t have social media, you may not be able to reach a wider audience. Most people would always check a store’s social media first before considering buying a product by looking at how popular that particular store is based on their number of social media following. Some clothing stores buy Facebook followers instead of gaining them naturally. Despite that, it may be a smart move, but when you buy followers, most of them aren’t engaged with you. Consider several strategies such as posting regular content on a daily basis. Another way is to have contests or giveaways. You’ll gain more followers that way while increasing your brand awareness. Curate special hashtags on Instagram just for your clothing store. If any of your customers use the hashtag, they stand a chance to be featured on your brand’s Instagram account. The most important factor when it comes to social media is that you should engage with them on a regular basis as well. 

One tip is to use a social media management tool such as Later or HootSuite. By using these tools, it will be much easier to manage all your social media accounts. 

Create A Blog On Your Website 


Creating content is one of the best ways to build trust with your customers. When you have a website, the best way to gain trust from your audience is by creating an informational, helpful blog. A blog is to inform readers about a brand and educate them about their products. Not only do blogs help to build a relationship with your readers, but it also helps to improve your online presence. For example, you could write an article about a weekly round-up of Spotify Playlists consisting of the best songs of any genre. You could also write about different types of clothing items for various personalities. 

Make Use Of Email Marketing Campaigns 

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When you want to create a successful clothing store selling streetwear, there is no way you can miss out on email marketing. E-commerce and email marketing go hand-in-hand bringing potential sales to your store. To start things off, build an email list by requesting your customers to input their email through your website. Many online stores will have a ‘Subscribe to our newsletter form displayed on their website. Aside from their website, clothing stores could advertise a form for customers to fill up on Facebook as well. But don’t just ask customers straightforwardly for their address – consider offering them a certain amount of discount. For example, ‘fill in your email address to get 5% off on your next order. That way, it is more of a soft-sell approach rather than a hard-sell one.