Minimalism in the fashion world has evolved more than just an art movement; it pinpoints simplicity in shapes and colors of your choice – in short, the return of the basics in your closet. With the right pair and color combination that exudes the elegance of minimalism, you can look chic and fashionable. The best part is, to achieve a minimalistic look requires only a small effort.Say, you want to doll up or you have attempted to one, but you are still a newbie and unsure where to start from there. You scroll about articles upon articles on how to find the right fashion for you to flaunt your confidence around Bandar Sri Damansara. There are times when you’re doubting yourself and insecure if you manage to pull off the fashion of your choice, or you are on a tight budget but yearn to look your best.

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To not mess up on your first try and regret your ‘on a whim’ fashion in the near future, keep reading to learn why practicing minimalism in your style can be a safer bet for you, as well as some recommendations to find your outfit of choice around Mutiara Damansara: 

  1. A Little Goes A Long Way
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Now, let’s address the ‘elegant unfussy’ and say no to loud color discoordination and flying cashes, instead go for a more humble approach. A good side of minimalism is that you do not need large amounts of transactions to achieve that simplicity. That is what fashion minimalism is about – less is more. What is deemed small can make a big difference to your whole appearance.  Why break the bank for expensive brands when you can break the fashion culture with sustainable clothings? That is why minimalism is the best for not only beginners, but those who are experienced as well; it is all about rebelling against what is luxurious and brand new, but instead centres on thoughtful detail, fine fabric and textures that can last a lifetime or age well. The value of a clothing does not signify one’s status, all you need is a good sense of fashion to alleviate your creative side. The Bless Shop at One Utama sells all kinds of clothing that is affordable and, with knowledge of minimalism you have gained, you will have no problem matching your clothes to the shapeline and the color code to your liking. Plus, you do not need to worry much about your budget as the shop offers up to RM5 above per clothing! Be it a coat, jacket, denim skirt, cute blouse and so on.

  1. Minimalism Are Not Limited
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Let’s see, you have a panicky closet which causes a little bit of stress over what you should wear and how you should style it. A common misconception of fashion minimalism is it mostly consists of black and white and neutral colors. That is where it is already wrong in the first place since fashion creativity should be free in style, even colors. To achieve minimalism with the bright colors that you have, for example, blue, green, yellow, make the most out of your clothes with these simple tricks: use your yellow dress as a standalone for that cute innocent look, or pair your blue blouse with black skinny ankle jeans to tone down the drama of the color or tuck in your rayon green shirt into your beige pants for that softer approach. There are more than these color combinations that can give your color fun wardrobe a chance to be more modest. Explore your creativity to try out everything that can work for you. Bandoru Store at Subang Jaya and Johor Bahru offers many thrifted clothing that can suit your style of minimalism within your budget goal – and if you’re lucky or a patient one, you may find brands like Uniqlo or H&M among the racks at only RM20. What a steal!

When you think about it, going for minimalism is an easy ticket for your stylish self-esteem as it does not require a lot of energy (and thinking, as a matter of fact) to choose your outfit of the day. So hop on the minimalist trend and together, we can be both sustainable and fashionable.