Traditional brick and mortar casinos have a strict code of ethics and etiquettes that they expect their patrons to follow. For first-timers, the casino floor can be a daunting place because they are unaware of the unspoken rules and regulations that everyone around them seems to be fluent in. with absolutely no cues present anywhere on the floor and no help desk, first-timers can feel a little overwhelmed when they enter the casino floor. The casino floor seems to have a rhythm of its own. The business flow is never interrupted regardless of the patrons’ comings and goings. The fluency, the fluidity, the glittery lights, and the echo-y noises can be disorienting for those who have no idea what to do. In order to avoid being a menace and giving yourself away as a noob, here are a few tips on the proper etiquette of casinos that one can follow. 

  1. Be Familiar with the Laws. 

While many countries allow people as young as sixteen to gamble, that is not always the case. In order to enter a casino floor in Las Vegas, USA, the potential pateron has to showcase their identity card and prove that they are indeed 21 and over. If one is trying their luck at the slots and has a minor with them, the casino security will escort them off the premises. However, one is allowed to walk through a casino floor with a minor in tow. As long as they do not pause at any of the tables or slots, they are good. 

  1. No Fidgeting with your Devices. 
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Once a player has been seated and a bet has been made, fidgeting with devices is frowned upon. In some establishments, it is straight-up discouraged. The thick walls of the casinos block out cell signals and one would have to exit the establishment in order to get a dial tone and a data connection. The reasoning behind a rule so specific is that using one’s phone during gambling is considered distracting and rude. Gambling involves a strong mind and complete focus in order to have a profitable run. Hence, turning off one’s cellphone upon entering a casino floor is considered to be the norm.

  1. Don’t Ask the Dealer. 
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When engaging in a hand of poker or a round of roulette, never ask the dealer for advice. Gambling involves quite a bit of bluffing and the only way to bluff in a convincing manner is to be confident. If one were to ask the dealer for advice, it would show a sign of weakness as well as a fundamental lack of understanding of the game. In order to not give oneself away as a noob, gamble with confidence and never, ever ask the dealer for advice. 

  1. Don’t Get Drunk. 
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Being drunk on the casino floor, especially while playing a hand is an absolute no-no. Getting sloppy drunk can cause one to lose control of their senses. This would not be ideal since gambling requires a present and active mind. Moreover, getting sloppy drunk on the casino floor reflects poorly on the person who is drunk and takes away from the experience of other players at the drunk player’s table. 

  1. Maintain Card Etiquette. 
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Probably the most important tip, never break the card etiquette on a casino floor. This includes, but is not limited to, 

  1. Touching the cards with two hands when they have been dealt in the face-down position. In such cases, always use one hand. 
  2. If the cards have been dealt facing upwards, do not touch the cards at all. 
  3. Be cautious with the cards. Do not bend them, do not fold them, do not damage them in any way, and most importantly do not use them as coasters. 

6. Take Care of Personal Belongings. 

While casinos are dubbed to be a safe space where people can gamble without a care in the world, one has to be responsible for their personal belongings. While casinos have an omnipresent security system in place with multiple security personnel posted throughout the floor, a swapping of purses and wallets can easily occur. The casino floors are loud and bright. It is impossible to keep track of every single person present on the floor as well as their belongings. All it takes is a well-timed sleight of hand to relieve a patron of their wallet or purse. 

7. Know your Standing. 

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A typical casino offers carps, poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and video poker. For those who are unfamiliar with the live table games, trying their hand at slots and video poker would be a good place to start. Table games offer the greatest challenge to novice players. In order to combat the anxiety of being a first-time patron of the casino, one should get their nervous and jittery energy out on the slots and video poker. 

While it is not overtly suffocating, the rules and etiquettes can be confusing to keep track off. This may, in turn, overwhelm the patrons and thus limit their experience. However, due to the pandemic, many people have been able to enjoy all the services and games offered by casinos from the comfort of their own couches without having to worry about etiquette. This has been made possible due to the online casino websites and apps that have started to gain more and more popularity during these trying times. One such website is MySlotKing. MySlotKing offers a number of games and attractions to its users and is fully equipped with slot game reviews. These reviews allow the patrons to better understand the site and take advantage of the many bonuses it offers.