Trends come and go, but minimalism still thrives today since its debut in the 1950s.

Minimalism emphasizes simplicity in the shapes and colours of your choosing – in other words, the return of the basics in your wardrobe. You will look sleek and trendy with the right pair and colour combination that exudes the sophistication of minimalism. The best part is that achieving a minimalistic look just takes a little effort.

Putting the artsy side out of the way, minimalist fashion evolves into something more where modern trend enthusiasts have been practicing since its evolution in the 1970s: capsule wardrobe. 

What is Capsule Wardrobe?
What is Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobe is defined as the practice of paring down your wardrobe to your favorite pieces – those that best fit your current lifestyle and body type – remixing them on a regular basis, and shopping less often and more purposefully. Let’s get to the humble approach of capsule wardrobe, where the advantage of minimalism is that it does not necessitate a large number of transactions to achieve its simplicity. That is the essence of fashion minimalism: less is more. What seems to be insignificant can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. 

Capsule wardrobe is convenient too, especially for your long wee hours of working as a janitor in Janitorial Cleaning Services Insurance spending all day cleaning the building. You may have a rush of things including the way you dress for the job, therefore this minimalist movement can bring more good than you think. 

Here are facts you should learn about capsule wardrobe before trying it out:

There Is No Right Or Wrong 

Flexible Style of Capsule Wardrobe
Minimalism and Capsule Wardrobe

It is a matter for freestyling – there are no corrections or errors applied in the world of fashion, including the creation of your capsule. If you are hesitating to let go of your old fashion sense, challenge yourself to have only 10 items to accommodate for 10 days only. That way, you can explore your artistry in adjusting which shirt fits for that jeans or what dress fits for these shoes. It is a fun adventure for yourself to follow your kind of fashion engineering with only a restricted number of clothing to practice the art of minimalism


Capsule wardrobe does more than minimizing the numbers of clothing and exudes the aesthetic trend. It also promotes flexibility in styling to your way of creativity. You are allowed to use the pieces in your capsule to the arrangement of your liking and express yourself befitting for your character on a daily basis. If there is anyone who can trust your fashion sense with smart wardrobe organization and articulation in looks, it will always fall to you. 

Freedom And Cost-Friendly

Cost Efficient - Capsule Wardrobe
Cost Efficient – Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to learning about capsule wardrobing, it is all about highlighting and embracing your personal style. Majority of capsule wardrobe veterans get the hang of it and save the time from making the decision on what to wear on that particular day with a wide array of clothes in their closet to go through, until the mental fatigue gets the fashion mood away. This further proves that the amount of clothes you have does not determine the freedom of style (unless you are actually good at picking the most acceptable ones by your standards). You will never be satisfied with what you have and resort to buying more, which just adds more pile to the laundry. Limiting to the desired number can help to find yourself – what fits you more, does the color correlate to your taste, which pair is better for the date or you can pull a Marie Kondo to keep what sparks you joy or put away on what does not spark you joy. Although it is ironic in a way, that way allows you to play around up to your fashion freedom. 

Less Stress, More Peace

Free yourself from clothes clutter!
Free yourself from clothes clutter!

Have you ever opened your closet and felt stuffy just by scanning the amount of clothes you have and confusingly combining colors swirling your sight at a single glance? As mentioned before, you can fix the mess by decluttering your wardrobe into three parts: what do you wear the most, what do you wear often and what do you wear rarely. This can prioritize your choice of wardrobe to style up according to your own decision.

When you think about it, opting for minimalism is a no-brainer for your trendy self-esteem because it doesn’t take much time (or thought) to pick your outfit of the day. You will discover that having a capsule wardrobe full of pieces that you wear the most or make your self-esteem higher can actually help your mind from thinking too much and have the smoothest freedom, albeit the irony of limitation applied. So join the minimalist movement, and together we can be both environmentally-friendly and trendy.