Curate Your First On a Budget Art Exhibition by Money Lending

In an ideal world, fundraising and exhibition development would move in sync so that resources are available whenever needed. The reality is, it is a mess to curate especially for small artist with little to no recognition. If you don’t know what you are in for, you might find yourself in over your head financially than when you first started your exhibition. It is definitely not uncommon for artist to turn to Moneylender Singapore in order to promote their precious arts. After all if you are doing it right, you’ll get so much more in return.

The Idea

Just like when you’re fleshing out the rough sketch of your art, do the same with the idea for exhibition. Bring in your family and friends, tell them about your idea. Voicing out your ideas helps you feel more confident in what you are doing. It makes you yourself believe that it really is going to happen. Well, your idea in this stage doesn’t have to be too well-thought. You’re not trying to curate the next Live in Your Head! Don’t forget, this is your very first art exhibition.

Planning and Budget

Now it’s time to start properly planning your exhibition. You might want to look for galleries. Look for something that you think would match the tone of your art. Be sure to do your research on this one. Take a good look at their guidelines and restrictions before agreeing to anything. You don’t want to be the one at the short end of the stick once this whole thing is over. Be smart with your budget too. 

You can take a personal loan from Money Lender Singapore. As long as you know how to plan your budget, seeking assistance would not be a bad idea. Matter of fact, it could even be a better idea towards making your first art exhibition a wonderful experience for yourself. You do not need to have the constant anxiety of investors for your art to back out. You are using and believing in your own capability by taking a loan. Ultimately, this is preferable as Money Lender Singapore is famous for easier payment methods and low interest rates.

Once you have your location confirmed and have a taken a personal loan from Money Lender Singapore, it’s time to hammer the subtler details. Establish the show dates and installation schedule. Decide about the pricing of your art work and buyer agreements. That is the most important thing here so make sure to take your time to carefully decide. It’s your hard work and creativity you are trying to sell so don’t rush it.

Finally, spread the word about the exhibition! Send the press brochures to publications, event listing websites, and your relatives and friends. Use social media to promote too. Could be your own social media, or you could ask your friends for a little help. If you still have your budget, pay social media influencers to promote. When you encounter people at gathering, brunch, a poetry reading, or in line at McDonalds, tell them about it. You’ve put a lot of effort into this event, and you want as many people as possible to attend.


After you’ve made a plan, go to the location and double-check that everything is in order. Examine the walls for any holes left over from the previous show and, if necessary, apply an additional coat of paint. Then, bring all of the artwork to the gallery and arrange them. Take a look around to get a sense of how the work fits within the space. Before your pieces are attached to the wall (or the floor! ), use this opportunity to make any last-minute decisions. Go all out with your idea.

Take a few pauses throughout installation because it is generally demanding and intensive. Take a few minutes to walk about the neighbourhood, breathe deeply, and remind yourself, “It’ll all come together soon.” Instead of freaking out, channel your energy into enthusiasm and motivation!

The Opening

Here it comes! The most awaited day of your career. The day where your very first exhibition is going to happen. Your family, friends and strangers will come together to take a look at the art that you have put a lot of hard work and creativity into. It’s going to be a big day for you so do not be afraid to put a little nice dress or suit, whichever you prefer. Go to the salon a day before and tell the hairdresser to make you look the best you ever have. And oh! Tell them about your exhibition too. Just to brag a little, why not right?

Everything is in place, and the doors are open. Relax! Get yourself a drink! Take the opportunity to mingle and have some fun! It’s always good to see old friends and catch up, but don’t get too close to them. This is an excellent opportunity to move around the room and meet new individuals. Who knows you’re going to meet those who are interested in your arts? You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to explain the art to them yourself as the artist.