Now who says a trip to the grocery store has to be boring? When visiting a grocery store you would normally be thinking so much of the things you want to buy and that is already something to stress you up. However, wearing clothes that make you feel good will boost your mood and you will actually enjoy your trip to the grocery store if you are feeling amazing with the way you look. Plus the grocery store can also be a great place for a photoshoot, there are only so many angles and perspectives that you can find in a grocery store to capture the most aesthetic looking pictures, There may be some of you who might think buying grocery online is better, especially if you live in a country like Indonesia, Singapore or Malaysia, since the weather is so unpredictable. However there is just something fun about visiting a physical grocery store.

As mentioned earlier, clothing has the power to double an instant mood booster but you may also be thinking on practicality while grocery shopping. Can I walk in these clothes? Will it keep me warm and/or comfortable. Below you will find clothes that would make you stand out while you’re out getting your home’s essentials. The list has streetwear style for everyone and you will not feel out of pace or uncomfortable while wearing these clothes but you will surely standout in them.


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Layering your clothes is a fun way to play around with fashion. You can pick up your favourite t-shirt and pair it with a loose flannel or hoodie. The best way to pull off this look is to try to play around with colours and patterns, throwing in a few clothes with rather cool or funky looking patterns will make the look so much better. You could even add a sling bag to complete the look plus you can use the bag to store your wallet, debit cards, car keys etc. Bear in mind that layering outfits will make you feel uncomfortable if the weather is hot, so you might need to put that into consideration before walking out in this outfit.

Head Wear

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Throw on a beanie, bucket hat or cap and notice how cool you look in it. Not only will your head be kept protected but if you are having a bad hair day, head wear is the perfect thing for you to wear to complete your look. There are many ways to incorporate head wear into your look. You can wear something bright if your entire outfit is a lil less colourful, this way you can add a pop of colour to your outfit. You could also wear something that matches your outfit and that will give your outfit a different kind of look. Wearing hats may also be able to help you avoid random conversations with strangers, I sometimes tend to pull my cap a little lower just to hide my face.

Over-sized Sweaters/Jackets

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Another cool outfit to try out while getting groceries are over sized jackets and/or sweaters, even better if it has cool logos or quotes on them. It can also help keep you warm if the store is too cold for you. Pair it with baggy pants for a more relaxed look or you can even pair it with shorts, leggings and skinny jeans. When it comes to streetwear, you want to be able to express as much as yourself as possible, just be yourself and you’ll be able to pull off the look. 


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Who says you can’t look like a fashionista while getting groceries? That’s right no one! So if you want to go full out with hair and makeup, go ahead. Also if you are going with a friend, coordinating outfits can be fun as you can seize to opportunity to take some pretty dope looking pictures or even better, you can try out a few Tik Tok trends while crossing things off your grocery list. Getting groceries are important but that does not mean it has to be boring. Fitted crop tops, skirts, fur coats, denim jackets, hoop earrings, chokers, the list are endless as to what you can throw on to achieve this look.