Light Graffiti: Interesting Fact 101

Light Graffiti, often referred to as Light Painting, is a photography style that tinkers with the camera settings and produces intriguing images using any light source. The first light graffiti dated back to 1889 with black and white results. These days, using wholesale lighting, vibrant light colors could be pasted into the light painting.


Making light graffiti is uncomplicated as it might sound. All you need to have is a camera, tripod and a light source and you are an artist already. There are a lot of interesting light graffiti performances that are conducted together with music or dance alongside. Famous light photographers such as Lapp-Pro and Hannu Huhtamo had built years of establishment in their careers in light graffiti.

Street Art and NFTs: What You Need To Know

Every single day, the digital world expands. The pace of technological innovation will continue to accelerate. The terms “cashless payment” and “e-wallet” are often used in today’s environment. As a result, the idea of cryptocurrencies has sparked a lot of debate both in real life and on the internet. People, particularly the younger generations, are …

Malaysia needs a better lifestyle

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A ilustradora holandesa Tineke Meirink deu vida a sua imaginação. Fez aquilo que com certeza um dia todo mundo pensou em fazer. Ou vai dizer que você nunca olhou para um nuvem e achou que ela se parecia com um objeto ou um animal? Confira abaixo “a realidade” e como “a artista imagina ser”: Para conhecer os outros trabalhos de Meirink acesse …