Rooftop Photography – Is That A Thing?

As a result, we all have our favourite unique spots to take photos at which not everybody finds resonance with; abandoned construction sites though perceived as spooky to some, back alleys which may appear filthy to some, and as risky as it sounds, mountain peaks and rooftops. Yes you heard it, rooftop photography, people actually do that. You could attempt provided you’re fine with heights and  your roofs are as sturdy as metal roofers.

How Did Street Fashion Become Mainstream?

Before the birth of the internet, before the popularization of fancy internet packages such as unifi internet in Malaysia, fashion trends belonged to runway models. It was inaccessible to the average consumer and created a system of discrimination. As we mentioned earlier, the internet gave the normal average person or the consumer a voice. Our voices tend to be louder when we all agree on one thing.