Gossip Girl Reboot Streetwear Inspiration

Gossip girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite… Just kidding tho, I’m no gossip girl but I do have the latest scoops on streetwear fashion. Unlike the “old” Gossip girl where most of it’s fashion were rather chic and elegant with loads of headbands, *I’m looking at you Blair* the reboot incorporates a lot of streetwear into its casts outfits. The three characters that are usually spotted in streetwear are Julien, Aki and Zoya.

When Sports Meets Streetwear: 6 Best Streetwear Brands Collaboration With Football Teams

Nike, Adidas, Supreme – these famous streetwear brands are no strangers to streetwear fans. Football kits are known to be one of the best marketing techniques around the world. Every season (or more), football teams would get a new designed team kit to wear during their football matches. The Paris Saint-Germain together with Kendal opened …

Streetwear Brands Everyone Would Love, Especially Stoners

Ever heard of the saying, ‘match your style to your smoke’? Well, it’s one thing to enjoy smoking a joint, but it’s another thing when your lifestyle revolves around it! Some of us love to show off to the whole world their pride in being a stoner. Why not fill your closet that matches your …

Tips On Styling Your Wardrobe Based On Streetwear

FILA, Nike, Adidas, Supreme – do all these notable brands ring a bell? Well, they are all actually streetwear brands that produce classic, modern streetwear designs. The particular term streetwear is usually related to graphic tees and denim, but it is quite wider than that. We can see streetwear brands like Supreme constantly coming up …

Best Streetwear Brands To Gain Inspiration From

Streetwear is known to be quirky, funky, urban and trendy, being the popular fashion style for the younger generation. These streetwear brands have the potential to grow globally and become influential brands. To give you some inspiration if you’re planning to set up an e-commerce store, we’ve rounded up some of the best streetwear brand …

Need To Lose Weight? Here Is How Clothes Can Help You With That

Weight loss is characterized in medicine, wellness, or physical activity as a reduction in total body mass caused by a mean loss of blood, body fat, or lean mass. It is a continuous lifestyle that requires long-term changes and sacrifices in daily diet and workout routines. Weight reduction has never been simple to accomplish or even discuss. In reality, it is a sensitive topic that should be avoided at all costs. People are often encouraged to do all sorts of crazy things in order to lose weight, the bulk of them have little scientific backing.

Thrift Fashion: How The Past Follows The Future

Surprise, surprise. The most prevalent groups who are into thrifting or buying secondhand products are the Gen Z, which makes them the contributor of bringing back the vintage fashion. Few years ago, millennials would aim for due to their stigma revolving around used stuff – whether they are dirty, cursed, or they only bring bad luck (because it is possible these items used to be dead people’s belongings, but of course, it is mere superstition). However, that soon became underrated as the fashion enthusiasts community began to propagate their influences via social media like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and many more platforms to change these minds into thinking and appreciating more about the sustainability used items have to offer. Think about it, flexing about your one-of-a-kind discoveries via social media can definitely make people go back to your posts and be curious of where to find such styles.

How To Promote Your Streetwear Clothing Store Online

Are you currently struggling to make sales for your online clothing store? Owning an online streetwear clothing store can be difficult because the competition is very high. You have to really step up your game in order to stand out from the rest. Other than making sure you get some tips on how to start …

Facts You Should Know Before Practicing Capsule Wardrobe

It is a matter for freestyling – there are no corrections or errors applied in the world of fashion, including the creation of your capsule. If you are hesitating to let go of your old fashion sense, challenge yourself to have only 10 items to accommodate for 10 days only. That way, you can explore your artistry in adjusting which shirt fits for that jeans or what dress fits for these shoes. It is a fun adventure for yourself to follow your kind of fashion engineering with only a restricted number of clothing to practice the art of minimalism.