Streetwear is known to be quirky, funky, urban and trendy, being the popular fashion style for the younger generation. These streetwear brands have the potential to grow globally and become influential brands. To give you some inspiration if you’re planning to set up an e-commerce store, we’ve rounded up some of the best streetwear brand websites. 


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Founded in the year 2013, NICCE has been producing casual streetwear with inspiration from the culture of London. Most of their designs are influenced by the overall lifestyle and music scene in London. Their designs are minimal, clean-cut, contemporary for women and men with timeless cuts. You can find not just clothing, but several types of accessories too. 

2. Supreme

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Supreme has made its way to stores all over the world, including Asian countries. Influenced by the rebellious skaters from New York, Supreme was founded in 1994, offering various apparel designs catering to punks and hip-hop fans. Mostly targeted to the younger crowd, Supreme has paved their path into becoming one of the most well-known streetwear brands providing high-quality, authentic clothing. 

3. Mojo Kojo

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Hailing all the way from Nigeria, Mojo Kojo is the pioneer in offering handmade clothing by a group of artisans living in Nigeria. This African Print Streetwear brand was initially created to celebrate the culture of Africa. Most of their fabrics are made using fabis from the local markets in Lagos. They are made with traditional African culture, patterns, and colours for customers to wear to parties or festivals. 

4. Martine Rose


Known as the leading menswear design brand since 2007, Martine Rose was created by a designer based in London. She was known to be a notable menswear designer, including a consultant and collaborator in fashion for many years. Most of her designs were inspired by her Jamaican-British culture and heritage. Her work was featured in various publications such as American Vogue, POP, and many more. 

5. 032c


A mixture of an apparel brand and magazine, 032c focuses on contemporary designs. Their website consists of findings based on research, freedom and creativity. Founded in the year 2000 in Berlin, the 032c Magazine is edited by Joerg Koch with Mike Meire as their art director. 

6. Satta

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Satta is a Sanskrit word that stands for ‘to exist’ or ‘to be’. Inspired by the beautiful nature and rush of the city, Satta produces quality apparel by using only sustainable and natural materials. Using a holistic approach when creating their designs, their apparel consists of graphic tees with  

Illustrations that are hand-drawn printed on their organic signature cotton tees. 

7. Lazy OAF

cheerful colours

When it comes to Lazy OAF, you’ll be mesmerized by the cheerful, upbeat colours on their website. This brand was created by Gemma Shiel when just graduated from university in 2001. Their apparel is catered to both men and women, with several accessories as well. The designs consist of graphic prints and bold colours. 

Feeling Inspired? Create Your Own Streetwear Brand Today!

Do you have a knack for creating creative streetwear designs? Start your own streetwear brand! If you’re low on capital, you can always opt for an online store at the start. Once you grow bigger, a physical store can be opened. Not sure where and how to start? Worried about how to create an online store without any technical knowledge whatsoever? With advanced technology nowadays, creating your own e-commerce website is as easy as ever! 

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