The number of football fans has increased lately. At hesgoal, you will find various news and information regarding this topic. For both football and fashion lovers especially, you need to know that there are plenty of high quality and well-known brands that came out with football streetwear. For those who want to learn about basic streetwear, here is the definition of streetwear. Technically, streetwear became global in the 1990s and gained popularity lately. Streetwear is a style of casual clothing, and most of the time it focuses on items such as baseball caps, jeans, sneakers and T-shirts. You can always get started by trying out these trends if you want to. 

Since we are talking about football streetwear, what would come to our mind must be a jersey t-shirt. Actually, it is more than just a jersey. Football streetwear can vary from t-shirts to football shoes. You will explore quite a number of brands you might or might not know in this article.



There’s nothing to be explained regarding this world-famous brand. They have been around for so many decades and still maintain their reputation. As you know, Nike produces one of the best sportswear out there. This is the reason why Chelsea and Barcelona chose to get their items from Nike. In 2018, Nike decided to come out with streetwear fashion in conjunction with the 2018 World Cup.

Human by Nature

Human by Nature is a fashion brand, founded in 2017. The founder, John Lehman stated that although the brand was founded in Hong Kong, it has roots in Beijing, Boston, Tokyo and recently, Cape Town. Since Tokyo is the centre of streetwear nowadays, this brand is perfect for those who love the current trends in Japan. Human by Nature makes sports t-shirts and football jerseys and shirts. 


Moving on to our next brand on the list, which is the famous Italian brand, Kappa. Most people might have heard of this brand. For those who might have not, Kappa is the official supplier for football associations and leagues such as Italy’s Serie B and CBF Brazilian Football Confederation. Therefore, there is no doubt that Kappa is one of the best brands you can try out for their streetwear. 

Legacy Boots Co.

Our next brand is a bit special as it focuses on the production of shoes. Legacy Boots Co. specialises in using actual football shoes as an inspiration and at the same time, utilising fashion to produce their product. They are currently based in Brooklyn and their products are manufactured in Chile.


Nivelcrack is a Korean football-inspired streetwear label that is quite popular in South Korea. They are based in Seoul and specialise in producing apparel and jerseys. Their “Tigre Coreano” shirt is one of their bestsellers. Recently, they produced track pants that are inspired by Nike Mercurial boots and they just don’t know how to stop! They decided to make Seoul an inspiration for their “FUT” 21 kits, especially for FIFA 21


MIDFLD is a brand based in New York.  Since they are a streetwear brand, they have been releasing many limited collections of gears. They have been dedicating their collections to Zinedine Zidane and the France World Cup team of 1998. 



I believe that almost everyone is familiar with this brand. PUMA has been a very influential and popular brand for decades. They have produced shirts inspired by prestigious football clubs such as  AC Milan and Borussia Mönchengladbach. You should not hesitate to get at least one product from this brand and you will instantly fall in love with them.



This is another very well-known clothing brand that most people would usually recognise. In 2018, Supreme released Tottenham Hotspur’s inspired jersey from the 90s kit. The original jerseys were worn in 1992’s Winner’s Cup, making this unique and exclusive merchandise.


Talisman&Co. was founded by a former Major League Soccer(MLS) player, Dustin Branan and his wife, Bethany. They are focused on producing caps to support their favourite football club. 

Prane Paris

Prane Paris is a French football-inspired streetwear label, founded in 2019. They have a significant way to produce their merchandise, which is by including some unique twists on their jerseys. In the same year, they made a collection of the legendary football player, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. 


BALR. is a Dutch brand based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was founded in 2013 by a professional Dutch football player, Demy de Zeeuw and internet entrepreneurs Ralph de Geus and Juul Manders. Fun fact: BALR. does not only produce apparel and jerseys but also sell travel products. 

How to Style  Football Streetwear

You need to know how to style your jersey and your other apparel together. It would be a waste if you don’t know how to mix and match them. These are what you will have to do if you want to appear stylish and trendy.

  1. Pick a jersey that is suitable for you

This is such an important step to make sure that the style suits you. You can always learn by trial and error. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, they do happen sometimes. This is how you can find out what kind of style will suit you.

  1. Get inspired

The best platform where you can find inspiration and ideas is Pinterest. There is no doubt that Pinterest helps a lot when it comes to finding inspiration. There are plenty of streetwear styles that you can look at and try on your own. Once you have found a style that suits you, you can start to wear it outside to boost your confidence.

  1. Be confident

Being confident is very crucial. Confidence is the one that makes you look great, especially when it comes to fashion. You can see that there are people who love to style their outfits in such a unique way. Let’s take a look at Lady Gaga who is famous for her peculiar yet unique outfits. She has never failed us every time she shows up at an event or awards. This is her key to success. Forget about what people say about you and just be confident in what you are doing!