What is Streetwear?

Streetwear term has been notoriously known as a unique and peculiar style of fashion. It is not a foreign word for people who are in the fashion industry as streetwear fashion has dominated the trendy world for quite some time now. Originating from the 1970s, this fashion has grown widely and many groups of people from different races largely embrace this trend, alongside the birth of punk rock, heavy metal cultures and the hip-hop wave. At some point, streetwear fashion style may come off almost as athleisure clothing as a lot of surfers don it and a lot of athletes comfortably wear this. This perception heightens to this day due to the fashion sense consisting of casual and simple fashion. 

However, after a while of this type of casual fashion became a hit during the era, the prices started to spike up due to excessive demands from the public and the increasing interests from everyone all around the corner. With the streetwear fashion looks like it is reserved for fashion models, people are diverting from using it. 

What is Thrift Shopping?

In this day where climate change is a serious matter and trying to save the environment is everyone’s driven aim, living sustainably is a genius way to reduce uncontrolled production. Thrifting or bundle shopping is the term for buying second-hand items that mostly apply to clothes. As people are becoming more aware of the Earth’s condition, many are adopting this way. Do you know that thrift clothes can also be viewed as streetwear fashion? Here are why you can turn your thrifted and bundle clothes to fit streetwear fashion.

Cheaper Options 

Contrasting from streetwear fashion that has become out-of-reach in terms of pricing, you can get the same vibe from thrifting except it is way cheaper than the market price! As bundles clothing is almost a hands-me-down, the possibility of it coming from a prominent seller is huge. Those clothes are more often than not, come from old stocks from clothing warehouses that have not been sold. If you are lucky, you might find something worth more than store-bought clothes at a cheaper price. Most of the clothes’ quality does not disappoint too. Most sellers know the unspoken rule on the good-conditioned clothes put on sale. Buying from thrift shops allows you to check out the vast and different fashion sense that belongs to everyone. It is not a surprise that thrifting contributes to street fashion as it mirrors comfort and casual.  Not to mention how comfortable it can be as well. You can do house chores while being fashionable without worrying how uncomfortable it gets. You can even fix your house roof guttering by yourself in such comfy clothing. If you are in Malaysia, you can check out gutter repair Malaysia to discover more on the best roof gutter drain. 

Sustainable Fashion: Streetwear Fashion 

As mentioned above, the world is overloaded with extreme excess of clothes materials. Continuous production of clothes leads to fast fashion which is a terrifying problem these days. Fast fashion is when a high-volume of clothing is being produced rapidly using low-quality materials in bulks. However, when buying preloved clothes, we manage to stop the clothes producing process that harms the environment. Most of the sustainable fashion is as rare and miscellaneous in designs as street fashion is. You just need a knack in this industry and you will definitely be camouflaging sustainable fashion as streetwear!

Vintage Collection

We go way back to when printed logos on surfboards, on shirts and also graffitis are new to the world. Street fashion is one of the biggest contributors to this trend in the 70s to the 80s. Getting the original streetwear collection nowadays is handful as it can get inexplicably overpriced due to it being seen as vintage pieces. Do you know that you can get such amazing vintage-y and rare clothing designs when thrifting too? A lot of influencers in today’s world are channeling their thrifted pieces like a boss such as Emma Chamberlain, Sarah Roseman and many others. There are many hidden gems that you can look out for when thrifting! 

Gender-fluid Fashion

Streetwear is one of the most sought for fashion and trends is definitely due to the inclusivity and the wide choice of the designs. A lot of young people are more attracted to donning this fashion style due to the designs that are made available for the use of all genders. There should be no category in what a gender should wear and everyone should have the freedom to wear anything they wish for. The same goes for thrifted goods. In shopping malls, men’s and women’s clothes are two separated sections. Unlikely far from that, thrift shops do not usually genderise their clothes. Everyone is free to choose whichever they like without having to care which gender it belongs to. As streetwear fashion focuses more on being comfortable, functional and casual for the users, one can find such great benefits in thrifted clothes. 

All in all, streetwear fashion is becoming more and more widespread in today’s trends. Opting for cheaper options such as thrifting not only helps in saving the environment, but you can always find the best outfits there too.

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